July 3, 2017 @ 12:11 AM

Seven sensible steps to success as a writer
Step 5 (Continued) Tips for all writers…

The discipline of writing a target number of words – and the trick of stopping when you know how to go on – is useful not just for authors of books.

It can be applied just as successfully to many other fields of a writing life … the school essay, a report for work, dealing with a pile of correspondence…

If there is a deadline for delivery, set an achievable target of so much to be completed each day – with enough time left over for editing and revision.

When you’ve reached the daily target and know what the next words will be, put down your pen. Click ‘Save’ and close the page. Shut the notebook...

Do whatever you can to avoid the metaphoric black hole of writer’s block.

Stop when you know how to go on, and you’ll come back to the work next day refreshed in mind and spirit: confident – excited even – to get on with another stage of the work.

Until the day comes when you can reap, as they say, all the fruits of your labours.


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