Born in Melbourne in 1942, Anthony Hill was a newspaper journalist before moving with his family to a country village in NSW where they ran an antique shop for five years. The experience formed the basis of his first two books, The Bunburyists and Antique Furniture in Australia. For more info go to Early Booksor click book covers on this page.

Anthony Hill’s first book for children, Birdsong, was published in 1988, followed in 1994 by his prize-winning novella The Burnt Stick illustrated by Mark Sofilas. The two combined again to produce Spindrift in 1996, and Forbidden in 2002. Between 1996-and 1999 Anthony  published The Grandfather Clock and his collection, Growing Up & Other Stories. For more info go to First Success or click book covers on this page.

For 10 years Anthony Hill was a speech writer for the Governor-General, until retiring to concentrate full-time on his own writing. His biographical novel, Soldier Boy, about the youngest known Anzac, was published in 2001 and won a NSW Premier’s Literary Award.  The companion book Young Digger, appeared in 2002. It's about a French war orphan, Henri, adopted as a mascot by some Australian airmen and smuggled home in 1919.


 In March 2005 Penguin published Animal Heroes, a collection of 21 stories about the dogs, horses, pigeons, mascots and other animals that have served with Australia’s armed forces in peace and war from Gallipoli to the present. For more info go to Military Books or click book covers on this page.

In recent years Anthony has written a number of animal stories.  The Shadow Dog illustrated by Andrew McLean is the story of Anthony's own dog Sebastian. Harriet illustrated by Coral Tulloch, recreates the life of a 175-year-old Galapagos tortoise who lived for many years in Queensland. And Lucy’s Cat and the Rainbow Birds, illustrated by Jane Tanner, is about belling the family's own cat. For more info go to Animal Tails or click the book covers on this page.

The voyage from youth to manhood is the theme of Anthony's latest books. River Boy,  illustrated by Donna Rawlins, is is a steam boat adventure for young readers. Part of the National Museum of Australia's 'Making Tracks' series, it was very much the practise piece for  Anthony's  new historical novel Captain Cook's Apprentice about on one the  boys who sailed  on Endeavour. Written with the assistance of a grant from the Australia Council, the book has been widely praised and has already gone into reprint. For more info go to Voyagers or click the covers on this page.