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A notable collection of fourteen short stories about the joys, the hopes and insecurities of growing up in Australia during the 1950s and 1960s. A CBCA Notable Book





A teenager in Changi, Sandakan and Outram Road. The amazing tale of survival by a 15 year old who lied about his age and joined the army in 1941 … captured when Singapore fell … and spent the rest of the war in some of the worst POW camps.




The award winning and best-selling story of James Martin, who at 14 is believed to be the youngest of the ANZACs, and the youngest Australian Soldier to die. Winner NSW Premier’s Award.




Another true story from the First World War – about a little French war orphan adopted as a mascot by some Australian airman and smuggled home in a sack in 1919. The companion book to Soldier Boy. CBCA Notable Book




Twenty-one short stories about some of the animals that have worked and served alongside Australia’s armed forces, from Simpson’s donkey to the present.





The story of the Endeavour voyage, seen by a cabin boy, Isaac Manley, who rose to become an Admiral and was last survivor of the crew. Winner NSW Premier’s History Award.

Now out of print, Captain Cook's Apprentice is still available as an eBook - a valuable resource for everyone interested in the voyage that charted the east coast of Australia in 1770.




A Galapagos tortoise that died at Australia Zoo aged about 175 years old … thought to have been taken by HMS Beagle when it visited the islands in 1835 with the young Charles Darwin aboard


NGANBRA, A Canberra Canticle


A long narrative poem in two parts about the Aborigines of south-eastern Australia as they were, the coming of the Europeans in the 1820s, the destruction of the tribes, and a concluding plea for healing and reconciliation.

Nganbra was the libretto for a major choral and dramatic work composed by Judith Clingan and performed during the Bincennial in 1988.



Elizabeth is standing by the angry sea. Watching. Waiting for the dolphins... The gulls are crying and  the wind throws a curtain of sea spray – a veil of fine blowing spindrift – across the wild shore...

A story about a beloved grandmother, and death, and redemption from the ocean of humanity. A Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Book (1996)

In whole it is an exquisite miniature, capturing a small moment in time with great skill, artistry and finesse (Reading Time).



Anthony Hill's award-winning story from 'The Stolen Generations', now in its twentieth year.

Nobody asked the mothers before they took the children away...

'One of the outstanding children's books of recent times.' Kevin Steinberger.

Winner, Christian Children's Book of the Year, Honour Book Children's Book Council of Australia 1994.