March 13, 2015 @ 10:45 PM

Our little grand-daughter started school this year, and as part of her preparation for reading we’ve been playing some entertaining word games with her. You know the sort of thing: big coloured cards or blocks with letters, and putting them together to form whole words. CAT, DOG, SHIP, HOLE and OAR.

“What about this one ore that one, Grandpa?” “No dear, it’s spelt this one or that one.” “Why Grandpa? They sound the same.” “I know, but different spellings help us tell the different meanings of similar-sounding words.” “Awesome, Grandpa.”

Yes, without mentioning other variations of the “or” sound as in TAUGHT, SOUGHT and Court? Not that I went into.........

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March 6, 2015 @ 9:11 PM

Many thanks to everyone who contacted me over last week’s post End Matters, and suggested links to programs or apps that might help with my References and Chapter Notes. I'll certainly be checking them out.

Of as much interest to me has been the way the discussion developed on some sites around the notion of whether we need end matter – and especially references and chapter notes – in historical novels at all? A novel, after all, is essentially a work of fiction, albeit built around a skeleton of historical fact.


I must say I’m very much with those who favour the use of end notes and reference material. I'm not one of those authors who knowingly alter historical facts .........

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