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The Last Convict coming February 2021


Winter 2020 Newsletter: Covid-19 and The Last Convict


Soldier Boy sells 100,000 copies

Captain Cook's Apprentice new edition

Young Digger new edition

  Animal Heroes   second edition


Anthony Hill is an award-winning Australian author of 18 books of stories ranging from the First and Second World Wars, soldier settlement, prisoners of war, boy soldiers and war orphans to the Aboriginal 'Stolen Generations'.  His best-selling books include  Soldier Boy, The Burnt Stick, The Story of Billy Young, Young Digger and Captain Cook's Apprentice. Anthony writes for adults and younger readers.

He has the unique skill of writing books which cross over from a younger audience to an adult readership... Christopher Bantick.

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Bulletproof! 100 Years of War, Anzac and Children's Books (CBCA 2014)

New find: Admiral Isaac Manley's Map (Captain Cook Society journal)

 'Young Digger': great new photos discovered


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