January 9, 2017 @ 7:07 AM


Next steps...

I've mentioned the first seven steps towards success as a writer. But of course there is an eighth step … and a ninth, a tenth and many more.

In large part they concern the business of writing: the myriad questions of design, illustration, cover art, marketing, promotion, and networking that are ever more important for a writer to understand in these days.

There was a time, not so very long ago, when an author generally left these matters to other professionals.
But with the extraordinary growth of the Internet and self-publishing in recent years, not any more.

These are things that authors increasingly  have to understand and master for ourselves.

But insofar as this series of posts is concerned with the  process of creative writing, the retail aspect of the profession is secondary to the present purpose, important though it is.

In any case the world of eBooks and of Internet marketing is still very much an unknown to this 75-year-old. I’m merely at the threshold of understanding, taking my own first baby steps – and Universitas, Muse of the World Wide Web, is as yet nowhere to be found.

Next Time: The First Step...

Photo: Atlas holding the Celestial Globe by Guercino (?) c. 1646. Wikipedia commons.