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Useful Internet Sites

  • Australian National Maritime Museum.  Home of the Endeavour replica. A great resource for the maritime exploration of Australia.
  • Braziers. Home page of the Braziers Park community in Oxfordshire, with photographs and information about the house where Admiral Isaac Manley lived with his family for over 45 years.
  • British Library.  One of the world’s greatest libraries. Check out images online, including drawings by Sydney Parkinson and Alexander Buchan in the Joseph Banks collections.
  • British Museum.  Another of the world’s amazing institutions with wonderful collections of South Seas artefacts and ethnographic material brought back to England by Cook, Banks, and other Pacific explorers.
  • Captain Cook Society. A world-wide society of people interested in the life and work of Captain Cook in all its many aspects.
  • Dharawal people. The website of Les Bursill, an Aboriginal man of the Dharawal nation. An excellent resource for words, images and traditional lore of the area around Botany Bay.
  • South Seas journals of Cook, Banks and Parkinson. An excellent National Library of Australia site includes voyaging accounts, maps, a South Seas Companion, cultural atlases, indigenous histories and European reactions.
  • National Archives.  Repository of British documents dating back 1200 years. They include the journals and log books kept by the Endeavour crew and most Admiralty documents from the period.
  • National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.  A magnificent site for all things associated with Cook, Endeavour, and British maritime history. Also check out the Royal Observatory for Harrison’s sea clocks and the chronometer that revolutionised the science of navigation. The NMM has the chronometer made for Cook by Larcum Kendall, and carried on the Captain’s second voyage.
  • Royal Navy.  A fascinating site full of information and pictures of the Royal Navy, both historical and present day.
  • Royal Navy biographies.  A UK database maintained by Chris Donnithorne of people, places, ships, organizations and events associated with the Royal Navy since 1660.
  • State Library of NSW. The Library has a magnificent collection of objects associated with Cook, Banks and Endeavour, including the Captain’s Bible, navigation instruments, personal items, Banks’s journal and other manuscripts. Many of them can be seen online.