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Read these References with the Chapter Notes and background article Writing Young Digger

  • AIF War Diary, No. 4 Squadron AFC, July 1918 to June 1919. AWM 4 roll 133, includes menu, musical selections and keyed photograph for Christmas Day at Bickendorf, Foundation Day 1919 sports programme, daily entries, orders and monthly reports by CO, Equipment Officer etc.
  • Air Council, A Short History of the Royal Air Force, (Air Ministry, London, 1929), especially pp 418-421 on kite balloons, and p 299 for British account of the Red Baron’s death.
  • Australian Encyclopedia (The Grolier Society, 1981 edition).
  • Bazley, Arthur, papers relating to Timothy Tovell and Henri Hemene Tovell, AWM 3DRL/3520 Item 119. The material includes photos, ms article about Henri by Bazley based on accounts written by Tim Tovell in 1928-29 (see The Whiz-Bang), Professor Cumbrae-Stewart in 1932, Richards and Ellison.
  • Cobby, A.H., DSO, DFC, High Adventure (Kookaburra Technical Publications, Dandenong, 1981 ed). See pp 102-103 for the Anzac Day 1919 fly past in London and farewell from England.
  • Coleman, Major Patrick Eugene, Secretary of the Air Board 1921-39 See under National Archives of Australia. Coleman died in 1950.
  • Controller of Labour, British Expeditionary Force, Extracts from War Diary 7 October to 11 November 1918, AWM 26 468/10. For further descriptions of the work and manpower of the Labour Companies in France, see also AWM 45 29/79-80,
  • Coulthard-Clark, C.D., The Third Brother, The Royal Australian Air Force 1921-39 (Allen & Unwin in association with the RAAF, Sydney, 1991), see pp 370 ff for Major Coleman’s office, and pp 120-127 for life at Point Cook in the 1920s and a recollection of Henri.
  • Cumbrae-Stewart, Prof. F.D., extracts from 1932 account of Henri based on notes from Timothy Tovell, see under Bazley. The copy of his ms deposited with the AWM Library could not be located.
  • Cutlack, F.M., The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol. VIII, The Australian Flying Corps in the Western and Eastern Theatres of War, (Angus & Robertson Ltd., Sydney, 1935). See pp 214-215 and 249-252 for the Red Baron, pp 284-286 for balloons, and p 376 for parachutes. Also entries for Cobby, Jones, King etc., the excellent appendices for types of WWI aircraft, trades, use of incendiary bullets, and glossary.
  • Department of the Interior, Papers relating to the life of Henri Hemene Tovell, mascot of No. 4 Squadron AFC, AWM93 37 (official records), includes correspondence between Hunt and Webb allowing Henri to land in Australia 1919, Henri’s Application for Naturalisation 1928, photographs.
  • Elliot, Mrs Nancy, Timothy and Gertrude Tovell’s eldest daughter, b July 1913. Interview with the author at Brisbane 17 April and 21 July 2000, 12 February 2001, transcript deposited at AWM. Her sons Rick and Rob, and daughters Sally and Marilyn, were present at various times, contributed family memories and kindly gave access to family collections. RIP: Nancy died in July 2007, one week after her 94th birthday.
  • Ellison, Norman, Flying Matilda, Early Days in Australian Aviation, (Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1957). Chapter 1, Henri, in which Tim Tovell tells the detailed story.
  • Fovant Badges Society, Fovant, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 5LJ, England; and see Internet site.
  • Gault, Chaplain Lt Col James A., Padre Gault’s Stunt Book, (The Epworth Press, London, 1920s). Padre Gault died in February 1938.
  • Graves, Robert, Goodbye To All That (1929, The Folio Society ed 1999). A classic and caustic account of WWI by a British infantry officer, fighting on the ground over which No. 4 Squadron AFC flew. See Ch XV for a sceptical footnote on the Angels of Mons.
  • Halley, James J., The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force & Commonwealth 1918-1988 (Air-Britain Historians Ltd, Tonbridge 1988). Gives details of the aerodromes used by, among others, Nos 43, 48 & 79 Squadrons RAF during WWI.
  • HMT Kaisar-i-Hind, Papers of voyage departed Southampton 6 May 1919, arrived Sydney 19 June 1919. AWM 7 Kaisar-i-Hind, (four folders), see especially Folder 3 for Lt Col Watt’s diary and associated papers. Nowhere is Henri’s name or presence noted among the fifty-seven civilian passengers on board (including ten children).
  • Jones, Air Marshal Sir George, KBE, CB, DFC, From Private to Air Marshal (Greenhouse Publications, Melbourne, 1988). See pp 22-26 for end of war, Cologne, Henri, and voyage home. Also ms Autobiographical Memoir, AWM MSS0738 (and later version MSS1027) for the LVG commandeered at Namur.
  • Jones, H.A., The War In The Air, Being the Story of the part played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force, (Oxford, 1937). See appendices pp 150 ff, for locations of RAF Squadrons at the Armistice, vol IV pp 150-151 on co-operation between artillery and balloon observers.
  • Journal of the League of WW1 Aviation Historians, Over The Front,  Spring 1991, pp 36 ff for location of aerodromes on the Western Front.
  • Laffin, John, Guide to Australian Battlefields of the Western Front 1916-1918, (Kangaroo Press & AWM, Sydney, 1992).
  • Lewis, Cecil, Sagittarius Rising (1936, The Folio Society ed 1998). The classic book by a WWI airman. Lewis spares none of the fear and horror. The reader is in the cockpit with him. But his prose also soars to reach transcendent moments of the human spirit. See the epigraph to this book, and also the reference under Saint-Exupéry.
  • Lock, Mrs Edith, Timothy and Gertrude Tovell’s second daughter b April 1920. Interview with author at Chipping Norton, England, 25 September 2000, transcript deposited with AWM. Mrs Lock also kindly gave access to family collections.
  • Macfarlane, Sandy, & Kingham, Chris, Princes Risborough Past, (Phillimore & Co Ltd., Chichester, West Sussex, 1997).
  • Murphy, D.J., T.J. Ryan, a political biography (UQP, Brisbane, 1975, 1990). Thomas Joseph Ryan (1876-1921), was Premier of Queensland 1915-19. See pp 404-426 for the trip to Europe and return in the Kaisar-i-Hind. Murphy does not mention Ryan helping Henri to land in Australia, but see Department of the Interior reference.
  • National Archives of Australia, Papers relating to Henri H Tovell Memorial, series A705 file 202/3/334, includes correspondence to and from Major Coleman 1923-1933, an unsigned account of Henri’s background possibly by Coleman (mid-1920s), Henri’s application to resign in 1925, employment as civilian apprentice at Point Cook in 1926, death in 1928, auction of his effects, public memorial subscription and erection of sculpture by Wallace Anderson at Fawkner Cemetery 1928-33. World War I Personnel Records for Timothy and Edward Tovell, Joseph Ellison, Norman Ellison, Norman Johnson and Hector Wilson.
  • Nettleingham, 2nd Lt Frederick Thomas, Tommy’s Tunes, A comprehensive collection of soldiers’ songs, marching melodies, rude rhymes, and popular parodies, composed, collected, and arranged on active service with the B.E.F. (Erskine MacDonald, London, 1917). Australian wartime songs and parodies can also be found in Warren Fahey’s Digger’s Songs (1996) and  Graham Seal’s Digger folksong and verse of World War One (1991).
  • Newton, Dennis, Australian Air Aces, Australian Fighter Pilots in Combat, (Aerospace Publications, Canberra, 1996). See entries for Cobby, King, Jones and McCloughry.
  • Proceedings of Inquest upon Henri Hermene Tovell, Melbourne Morgue, 28 May 1928, Daniel Berriman, Coroner, Public Record Office of Victoria, VPRS 24/P unit 1134 file 675/1928.
  • Queensland Post Office Directory 1918-1919, Jandowae, Jimbour.
  • Queensland Public Records. State school enrolments for Henri Tovell: Jandowae 4 September 1919; Cooroy 27 January 1920; Kangaroo Point (boys) 29 January 1923.
  • Reveille, 30 April 1931, article by C Smith Digger’s Mascot: War Orphan’s Fate.
  • Richards, Lt E.J., Australian Airmen, History of the 4th Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, (undated, early 1920s). Lt Edward John Richards was a pilot with No. 4 Squadron.
  • Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, Wind, Sand and Stars (1939, The Folio Society ed 1990). A French aviator of the 1920s and 30s, he flew in South America and The Sahara. Killed during WWII. Saint-Ex, as he was known, is famous for his children’s story, The Little Prince (1943), which tells of an airman and a star child, but is really about the mystery - even mysticism - of the air, known to those early pilots. The Folio Society edition has a fine introduction by Cecil Lewis qv, about early morning take-off during WWI.
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  • The Chronicle, Toowoomba, 5 February 1919 for Timmy’s death; 21 June and 2 July for homecoming.
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  • The Daily Mail, Brisbane, 21 June 1919, 26 May 1928 Appendix II.
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  • The Whiz-Bang, Official Organ of the Brisbane sub-branch of the RS&SILA, November 1928–February 1929. A series of short articles by Tim Tovell telling Henri’s story, similar to Bazley.
  • Tovell, Edward John DFC, Timothy and Gertrude Tovell’s son, born May 1923. Interviews with author by telephone May 2001,
  • Tovell, Henri Hemene, Papers, AWM PR87/199, includes photographs in uniform at London and Hurdcott, Tim’s postcard, grave, Rev John Perry’s sermon 3 June 1928, letters home 1926-27, Tim’s letter from Panama 1917. For Application for Naturalisation 1928 (Appendix I), and official correspondence allowing him to land in Australia 1919, see under Department of the Interior. For RAAF employment, see National Archives of Australia.
  • Tovell, Timothy William, Private records of Henri Hememe Tovell, ‘Digger’, AWM93 12/11/4801 (official records), includes correspondence with AWM on narrative by Cumbrae-Stewart qv. For correspondence with Major Coleman 1923-28, see under National Archives of Australia. Photographs, letters, notebook from Hurdcott and the Kaisar-i-Hind, work book 1898-1913, diary of voyage to Australia 1912, memorabilia, birth and marriage certificates etc, in family collections. See also The Whiz-Bang, and Ellison. World War I Personnel Records, National Archives of Australia, also for Edward John Tovell.
  • Watt, Lt Col Walter Oswald, OBE, diary as OC Troops, see HMT Kaisar-i-Hind. Sadly, Watt drowned in 1921.
  • Who’s Who in Australia, (Herald & Weekly Times, Melbourne, 1947), entry for Group Captain A.W.L. Ellis.
  • Wings, March 1 1948, obituary on Group Captain Ellis.